3M Respirators

There are many different types of respirator masks offered by 3M and they seem to be the reigning champ in the market for supplying some of the best respirators around, so why should you choose a 3M respirator for your next job that deals with dust particles or chemical elements floating in the air?

By using a 3M respirator mask you are diminishing the chances of being affected by any floating particles or chemicals in the air that should not be breathed in. The respirators will filter out these elements when you are breathing so you only breathe in quality air instead of deadly air.


There are various types of 3M respirators including:

• Elastomeric facepiece respirators
• Maintenance free particulate respirators
• Supplied air purifying respirators

Each of these types will protect you in their own specific ways on having the ability to breathe quality air in your work environment. The choice for which respirator will depend on what exactly you are doing. If you don’t require the use of a respirator too often you should consider getting a maintenance free particulate respirator as they can easily be thrown away when done with.

3M respirators have become one of the most popular brand names for many safety protective gears available on the market today and many businesses and associations utilize 3M respirators on a daily basis. The respirators are designed to do the job right and not cost a fortune to get them, making 3M really beat out the competition that is asking for more money for respirators that don’t even do as much as 3M respirators do.

If you are looking for a respirator that will get the job done right the first time then you’ll want a 3M respirator. Just make sure to look through your options first to find the right 3M respirator choice there is.