N95 Respirators

It seems that N95 respirators are seen in many places including hospitals, doctor offices, building under development, and any areas where there are elements in the air that people do not want to be breathing.

N95 respirators have a very simplistic design where the nose and mouth area have a fibre cover that can be breathed in yet with holds all the chemicals in the air. The nose bridge has a metal band that can bend so that the respirator can be fitted to match the sizing of your nose and face comfortably. There are many different companies that offer various designs of the N95 respirators but they will all have many similarities to go with the design.


There are many different uses for a N95 respirator and they can all be quite beneficial to preventing the intake of chemicals into bodies. Many hospitals use this type of respirator in and out of the operation room and emergency rooms as they are quite durable and a little more comfortable then other respirators.

You can also use a N95 respirator while cleaning areas of your home that tend to utilize strong chemicals and toxins. They come in quite handy when you are cleaning out a stove as you don’t want to breathe in the fumes of cleaners being used in such a confined space.

N95 respirators have their many uses and the fact that they withhold a very simplistic design they can be used anywhere. You can easily breathe while wearing this type of respirator except you have a little added protection against any chemicals or toxic elements that you may be dealing with. They aren’t costly what so ever and anyone can use them, young and old.