Supplied-air Respirators

If you require complete protection against the many different airborne chemicals and particles that are throughout our environment then you should consider a powered air respirator. By using an powered air respirator over your usual respirator options you are preventing the chance of being over worked trying to breathe through a filter while you are doing tedious work that is already exhausting enough without a respirator being worn.

For those opting into getting a supplied-air respirator over the usual respirator you should be aware of the benefits behind having one. One of the biggest benefits of using this type of respirator is that it will not only filter out the dangerous chemicals in the air, but it will help you breathe easily by supplying you with an air supply.


These types of respirators have gone through a lot of designs to make them much lighter and now they have a handy belt attachment where the actual motor and battery are giving you a light weight respirator mask to wear. Most people are worried that they are going to have to worry about the respirator being to heavy on the face, but it will actually feel the same as other respirators, if not lighter.

Supplied-air respirators can be quite beneficial for someone who does a lot of hard work in an environment with a lot of chemical elements floating around in the air. They don’t have to struggle breathing as they are supplied with air, and they can even still have the comfort of wearing a light weight respirator.

You can find powered air respirators in both full face and half face designs so the option is entirely up to you on how much protection you’d like, but if you are working around chemical elements you should guaranteed opt into having a full face powered air respirator for extra safety measures.